Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii Fit

This is seriously the best present I have ever received, mainly because my whole family are involved in it now (my Dad's wii me always makes my sister laughs, she thinks it looks just like him!). I'm usually quite an active person, but have fallen off the wagon a little lately. This has been good for tracking progress, but mainly it's good fun! Even Mum, who is not the most active person in the world, is actively trying to be ranked in one of the balance games...I'll say this about my mother, she's no quitter! She's been playing the same game over and over again trying to make it into the top ten. The wii itself, and its games are extremely fun and I love it, but it's the wii fit that makes me laugh the most. Especially when my "trainer" (you can choose between a man and a woman. I chose the man, because the woman, well.... does she remind anybody else of Cherry from Cherry's Driving School in micro machines for ps2?!) yells at me for having shaky legs, or collapsing onto the board (I'm sorry sir, my arms couldn't hold me up any longer!). It's even funnier when he does this to somebody else!

What are your funny/interesting Wii stories?

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