Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favourites (some info about me for all you voyeurs out there).

Favourite book? Just one?! Lord of the Rings (not to be confused with Lord of the Flies, which is my LEAST favourite book)
Favourite writer? Tolkien would be the obvious answer here, would he not? However, I shall buck my own trend and say Oscar Wilde
Favourite smell? Vanilla
Favourite sound? My sister's laugh, when she is in hysterics (not literal hysterics!)
Favourite taste? Pancakes with lemon and sugar
Favourite to your sense of touch? Clean, good quality, bed linen
Favourite colour? Turquoise (closely followed by all other colours!)
Favourite bird? Owl
Favourite animal? As a pet: most types of dog. Otherwise giraffes and pandas. 
Favourite flower? Roses (especially pink and white ones), lilies  
Favourite place? Anywhere I feel comfortable, spiritual and calm.
Favourite piece of art? Hmm.... My friend Alicia is a damn good artist, I'm going to go with something of hers!
Favourite possession? My laptop!

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