Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My sister and I, we're crafty types....

and no, I don't mean that we are sly and cunning (though we can definitely be that too), but that we like to do artsy things. Our craft materials have, until recently, been stored in random boxes and containers all over the house and in the garage. I like to be able to find things when I'm looking for them, and this is easier when everything is in the one place. So, being the anally retentive pedant that I am, I gathered craft boxes and divided our craft materials into groups, and gave each group its own box. My absolute FAVOURITE of these boxes is one that I made up myself. It was a very sturdy, but very nondescript box. So I prettied it up...Here is what it looks like now (For some reason I have the 'My Favourite Things' tune playing in my mind):

Basically, every time I saw a picture that triggered a certain "OOH! I LIKE!" reaction within me, I cut it out and put it in this box. They were too pretty to be hidden though, so they became decorations for the box which is now storage for other Pretty Things that shall be used for handmade birthday cards and such.

A couple of my favourite favourite things are:

This VERY cute Fendi bear



Very Pretty gumboots that I now covet!

It was my dear, dear friend Alicia's 21st Birthday yesterday. On Wednesday night our whole workplace threw a surprise birthday dinner for her (and wow! she was  surprised.....she almost ripped my arm out of its socket with shock) and I made her a butterfly birthday cake that took an obscenely long time to decorate. Cute result though, the gang seemed to like it (I hear the Smarties were eaten in the car by somebody other than the birthday girl). Vanilla Buttercream, in case you were wondering!

I also need to track down a photo of the piƱata birthday cake I made for my friend and manager Amber's 30th Birthday. That cake generated far more excitement that a chocolate shell should ever warrant!

Until next time, gang!


  1. 1. I want those gumboots too.

    2. we should get a house together - 3 bedrooms = one for you, one for me, and one for all our craft stuff!

    3. I miss you & will see you next week!


  2. Ohh I love Decoupage. I am about to decoupage a shelf I hate. I'm just trying to decide on how I want to decorate it. I'm thinking of keeping the dark wood outside, and going for a pretty japanese print inside the shelves. I love those gumboots. Infact, I love all gumboots at the moment. Don't know why.