Saturday, March 28, 2009

Introducing Polyvore Thursday!

In answer to my previous post, I shall create inspiration for myself and for others, using my own creativity and the tools which the internet provides me with! Hooray. I've found myself addicted to Polyvore and so each Thursday will feature a polyvore set that I particularly like as well as 1 or 2 of my own that I've created using one of that week's top products. Feel free to leave me suggestions on what sort of sets you'd like to see whether they be fashion, interior or art based. Also, sign up to create your own. It's highly addictive. This week I was inspired by the amount of quality interior design sets and so have chosen one to represent all those I really loved. I can't possibly blog every set I like but if you'd like to see more of where this came from add me as a contact on polyvore and, of course, keep reading!
Just looking at that makes me think of weekends in the country, road trips with friends, wine and snacks whilst playing board games.

And here are a couple of mine. T-shirt focus this week as I adore t-shirts and I don't think that the jeans and t-shirt combo has to be boring. I really love the cupcake tee, the cheerful yellow really lends itself to cuteness, don't you agree?

I love the black, white and red style of this. Though I'm very much a pastels girl, I always think that it's very very very difficult to go wrong with this trinity and a little bit of attitude. The girl with the red lipstick is always going to attract a few (mostly admiring) glances.
What do you guys think? Anybody else addicted to Polyvore?

Love and Laughter
Mands xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do I require inspiration? Or should it come from within?

The title says it all, really. Well, I think it does. Here I am, sitting in the library, thinking I should be reading the Oresteia trilogy, but feeling that there is something stirring inside of me that I'm not sure I can stop. It's not as though I lack a creative or inspirational gene. I love to create. Lately though, I've felt like there is something missing. That I need outside influences to fulfill me from within...and... is that right? I know that you can't JUST be inspired from within. External factors ALWAYS count. The amazing book you read, the sunset that makes you feel alive, a glimpse of something you almost catch and then it's gone before you absorb it. The friend who shares something secret with you, the taste of the most magnificent meal you've eaten, the discovery of something that fits with you. Falling in love. Having your heart broken. Breaking a heart. Getting married. Having a child. Making new friends. Traveling. Embarking on a spiritual journey. Meeting a soulmate. Perfect weather. Random, spontaneous moments that are gone in a flash but leave a distinct imprint on your heart. These are the external factors that generate creativity. These are the moments in which you gain your inspiration. But do I keep looking for inspiration? Or does it strike when you least expect it? I'm waiting for a spark, a moment, in which I can create something worthwhile. Is it in me? Or is it ruled by something outside? Or is it all connected? Do I just start something and see where it takes me? Or, do I wait? This is hard...
There is poetry, there is prose, there is gardening, there is music, there is acting, there is dancing, there is painting, there is drawing, there is sculpting, there is photography, there is imagination, there is everything in between and beyond and lately I can't seem to get a handle on any of it...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's balance out the negative...

...with some shiny, shiny happiness! Lest readers believe that I am a cynical, angry, disillusioned product of a society that has no regard for kindness, helpfulness or tolerance, I'm providing you with things that bring a smile to my face. What brings a smile to yours?

  • Last-minute plans with friends.
  • Planning holidays...and going on them.
  • Not having to worry that going on a cruise ship might be boring!
  • Tiny, tiny little piggies! I'd like one as a pet, please!
  • Cute puppies doing very silly things. 1000 Awesome Things is indeed an awesome website, and wonderful to trawl through when you should be doing something else.
  • Craft books. Every single one of those is now on my wish list for anybody keeping score.
  • Learning random facts about odd topics. Mental Floss magazine is practically nerdling porn, and I encourage all of you to check the site out. Of particular interest to me was this article of the stories behind Dr. Seuss' stories.
  • Dallas Clayton for this. And this. Poetic genius.
  • Talk about inspiring... check this out! So stunning, so effective! And what a wonderful way to to keep mementos of different occasions. You can adapt these to your own tastes and needs, but they look so wonderful. I intend to make some of my own... I think I have found a use for my myriad scrapbooking paper! Elise Blaha's blog is full of incredible beauty and crafty inspiration and bookmark it. NOW! Go on, do it! It's one of my new favourite sites (thanks google reader!)
Now, if anybody has anything they believe I should see please please let me know. I'm back at uni now and am looking for new ways to procrastinate! There's only so much Ancient Greek a girl can take!

Love and Laughter
Mands xox