Thursday, April 23, 2009

Polyvore Thursday

I know, I know. It is simply too exciting for words! You all missed Polyvore Thursday last week, and have been anxiously anticipating its return. You will not be disappointed. I'm only going to add one of my own this week, as I've been stressed out with uni and have only had time to make up one decent set. I really love this one's interior, not fashion. Sooo...let's start with mine, shall we?

Another interior one, which I find almost dizzingly beautiful. So soft and feminine and perfectly understated. This is not a rock star bedroom, but it might belong to a princess.

Finally a fashion one (of course). The other two were so whimsical and pretty that I wanted something a with a little more edge for the final layout. This ought to do it. Gorgeous!

Now, keep being excited my little cupcakes of happiness, because next week I'm bringing yet another weekly segment to the blog! Huzzah!

Love and Laughter
Mands xoxo

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