Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the love of... Frankie

*Disclaimer. I am no Girl With a Satchel. I lack her eloquence, magazine experience, informed opinions and fancy shmancy blog layout! If you want a decent magazine review I suggest checking out her blog!

Frankie Magazine. For a year now I have been a loyal fan. This time last year I was a patient in hospital and was fortunate enough to have plenty of visitors. Even in that grim time I knew I was lucky enough to be blessed with so many caring friends and family members. One of my best friends brought in a stack of magazines during one such visit. They were current magazines but her flatmate had finished them and thought I might enjoy them (I think my friend is probably reading this with a thrill of excitement knowing that I'm talking about her and that something she did a year ago has inspired an entire blog post! Hi Erin!). Amongst those magazines was Frankie. Ahhh, Frankie. Clever, witty, sometimes sarcastic, always lovely, forever funny. Magazines pride themselves on their point of difference, but Frankie is unique. She's the girl cool enough to hang out with the popular kids, friendly enough that she doesn't intimidate the less cool kids and smart enough to know the difference. I'd never even considered reading Frankie before it was literally dropped into my lap; it seemed a little too "indie" for me. Sweet sweet fortune that somebody with far better taste than I had the inkling I might enjoy it.

The latest issue is a joy to read. Benjamin Law and Caro Cooper are favourites of mine. Benjamin writes with self-effacing humour, Caro writes as though narrative can't help but flow out of every pore. Highlights:
  • Kelly White's i love owls feature. Mainly because I also love owls and she's got some cuties!
  • Caro Cooper's may contain graphic scenes is a love letter to the graphic novel. Five in particular are highlighted as 'should'-reads ('If you want to. But you don't have to.') I want to. (In case you're interested the are Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine, Good-bye, Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson, I am going to be small by Jeffery Brown, Maus by Art Spiegelman and Jimmy Corrigan: The smartest kid on Earth by Chris Ware.
  • a mum's life contains some wonderful moments when four writers spend the day as their mother. There seems to be quite a focus on exercise, work-outs and personal trainers. Perhaps this is what we look forward to in retirement. Benjamin Law's description of his mother, Jenny's, Exercise of the Month is particularly entertaining, as is Caro Cooper's journey into an imaginary world where she flirts with an unresponsive butcher, has conversations with imaginary dogs and cooks dinner for an imaginary partner whilst conversing with aforementioned dogs.
  • I encourage all of my PhD student friends, and friends of friends, and anybody even considering undertaking a PhD at any point, to read how uni melted my brain. Benjamin Law highlights everything I've ever heard, or ever considered about this arduous pursuit (it still hasn't put me off though).
  • There's a fabulous road test of different varieties of packet noodles and how likely each are to kill you. My favourite noodles are apparently likely to cause me a slow, but sure, death. This feature appears at an opportune time. They're practically all I can afford to buy.
  • I laughed and felt a small twinge of shame at Justin Heazlewood's no cd collection is an island. I can definitely relate to both sides of the story, but hope I have never been to the point of being the friend who asks if you've "heard of The Obscures, (my) eyes burning with rage and glee when (you) decline." The article is summed up in the line "It's a testament to the human ego, the way we make our role as fan completely about us."
  • Bless Pip Lincolne for including a pattern for a too-cute wheat pack by Claire Robertson.
New issue is out on April 22nd so go out and get a copy of this one now!

Love and Laughter,
Mands xoxo

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