Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedlings I Like

How awful is this freezing cold weather? Excuse any typos, I can't feel my fingers!

Here is one just for my sister. Maybe this spider won't freak her out!

Have you ever worried that you've taken warning signs too literally? This is why you should pay attention to them!

For my friend who I recently told that life is not a lego set, this will be about as close as you can get to it. Short of building yourself a lego house. These recreations are amazing!

Are you having a bad day? The cuteness of these baby hedgehogs will definitely make you smile! They're so cute!

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! One of everything please!

Hmm, ok, if I can't have one of everything, may I please have a SMILE HAPPY LIVE LONG mug? I LOVE TokyoBunnie!

OH, how I laughed! And chortled!

I've always maintained that Maleficent is the most villainous of the Disney villains. I'm glad that Listverse agree with me!

Love and Laughter
Mands xoxo

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